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Yudchitz = Judscitz/Jutczitz

Posted By: Hania
Date: June 16, 2003

All the details I presented to you were garnered from the ORIGINAL SHIP MANIFEST/handwritten copy @Ellis Island. Run the surnames as I spelled them thru Ellis Island link, w/o specifying gender. Click on the individual name and then click on to ORIGINAL SHIP MANIFEST. Notice the magnifying icon that appears top right. Click icon. This will create a close-up of the handwritten manifest. Make sure to check all pages of the manifest!!! In most cases there are several pages of details. There you will even find out how much money that person had w/them as they arrived. Of the other two same surname immigrants, one was heading for PA and the other to West Virginia, for the coal mines.

I am not an expert on Belarusyn surnames, but based on the given names, my guess is that these guys were Christians, most likely Christian Orthodox or maybe even Greek Catholic. Additionally Ellis Island Records do not indicate that they were Hebrew.

Slavic surnames were transliterated (sounds like) from one language, using Cyrillic Alphabet into another, using Latin Alphabet. The only correct spelling and pronunciation of the surname is in its original language, using its original alphabet.

Also note that these guys were married. Chances are that after working for yr or two, they might have returned home. What most people don't realize about the Great Immigration (1900-1914) is that about third of the immigrants returned to their homelands.

Studying and understanding period history is critical to genealogy.

Make sure to read Sergei's excellent synopsis of Belarusyn history on this link.
There are many maps of 1910 Chicago.
I like Google as search engine.
Submit 1910 CHICAGO MAP. You will find everything from ward to train maps.

For your purposes you might find this link helpful. It includes info for researching 1930 Census as well.
POINTers In Person Chicago-North CHICAGO STREETS

There is a very inexpensive book re turn of the century Chicago.
Chicago @turn of the century in photographs by Larry Viskochil.

Index in book indicates that the HOLY TRINITY RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL existed in Chicago in this time frame. Bare in mind that Belarusyns were pious people and would have wanted a church nearby. If the cathedral still exists, contact them and ask if they have archived any of their church records. It may be possible that the cathedral historian might be able to provide you w/ another name of any Belarusyn churches in this time frame.

Christ the Redeemer Church in Chicago is another place you might want to check out for archives.

Bare in mind that Christian Orthodox Baptismal records for children would have contained parents' exact place of origin and maternal surname.

Additional link:

PS> I'm Ukrainian, a friend of Sergei's, and live in New York City.

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