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Posted By: Hania <>
Date: June 18, 2003

In Response To: Re: Yudchitz = Judscitz/Jutczitz (Bill Yudchitz)

The CAIRNRONA was built by Swan & Hunter, Wallsend-on-Tyne in 1900 as the CONSUELO for the Wilson Line of Hull. She was a 6,025 gross ton ship, length 461.5ft x beam 52.1ft, one funnel, four masts, twin screw and a speed of 12 knots. She had accommodation for 13-1st class passengers. Launched on 3/2/1900, she sailed on her maiden voyage from Hull to New York on 5/8/1900. She made her last voyage for Wilson's when she left Hull on 1/3/1908 for Boston and New York. In 1909 she was sold to the Thomson Line, renamed CAIRNRONA and refitted to carry 50-1st and 800-3rd class passengers and with a tonnage of 7,640 tons. She made her first voyage from London to St John NB in Jan 1910 (arr 25/1/1910) and a further voyage (arr 11/3/1910). In April 1910 she suffered fire in her coal bunkers while off Beachy Head in the English Channel and over 700 passengers were transferred temporarily to the Furness Withy cargo steamer KANAWHA. The fire was extinguished and she returned to London and sailed again on 16th April for Quebec and Montreal. She commenced her last voyage on 8/4/1911 when she left St John NB for London. In 1911 she was sold to Cunard and renamed ALBANIA. She commenced the first Cunard voyage to the St Lawrence when she left London on 2/5/1911 for Southampton, Quebec and Montreal. Her last voyage on this service commenced 17/10/1911 and in 1912 she was sold to the Bank Line (Andrew Weir & Co) and renamed POLERIC. She was scrapped in 1930. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.3, p.966, vol.4, p.1420]

Looks like Grandmother may have come thru Canada???

What you need now is to get the passenger lists for the SS Cairnrona.
LDS/Mormon Genealogy Library has those!!!! Those are not available online. Grandmother came thru St. John's New Brunswick, Quebec or Montreal??? It was appx a two week trip. The staff @the Mormon Family Centers are very helpful. To locate the most convenient location for yourself, see link below. All instructions for ordering film r there.
FamilySearch - Family History Centers

You need to take your research one step at a time. There are no shortcuts. Grandmother's place of arrival will be a fairly simple matter to locate (w/the help @LDS). Once you get a hold of the passenger list and manifest, you should be able to get a handle on Grandmother's origin. If she was married prior to immigration, your problem for Grandfather's origin is also solved. THEN you will need to document her border crossing into USA. This will further document her origin. The most popular border crossing was St. Alban's VT. however there might have been one closer to Chicago???

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